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  1. The Red Room Job
    Sarah had cleaned houses for quite a while, then one day it happened, the job every cleaning lady dreads. Well, today was Sarah’s day, and Malcolm was the mysterious client, who wanted her to clean his red room. She’d encountered client’s secret little toys, but never had she been specifically hired to clean them. Sarah laughed as she surveyed the bondage equipment and toys. It was a surreal and comical feeling, standing in the red room. As daunting as Malcolm and his fetish was, she really needed the money, so Sarah dove right in, signed the contract, and took the job. However, Malcolm wasn’t the only one keeping secrets. Sarah had been running from her past for quite a while. And she’d been running from the truth, when she took the red room job. How she thought she could possibly clean up after the man who caught her eye, she’d never know. This short story is a mix of comedy, intrigue and a little tie-me-up tie-me-down, all inspired by some very real-world novelties. Look for it on Amazon soon!