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  1. OUT NOW - Beautiful Moves, Shifting Steel book 3
    Ella was desperately trying to hold her life together, and take care of her sick sister. She was jobless, about to get evicted from her new apartment, and at the end of her rope. Add to that, she was cursed. Or maybe she was a witch. Ella didn't know, and it really didn’t matter. All she knew was that whenever she got happy, sad, or anything in between, things got wild. That’s when Ella met the tall, dark and handsome biker next door. The man was bad news. He riled her up, and forced Ella to feel the emotions she painstakingly safe guarded. Wolf wasn't sure why he struck up a bargain with the Ice Princess. He was the pack alpha. The last thing he needed was some chick walking all over him, in her ridiculously high high-heels. He had more than enough to deal with, between his beta’s juvenile antics, and the other weird crap going on. Little-Miss-Straight-Lace was so put together, and repressed. So why did she send his wolf into a tailspin? It’s not like he hadn’t been with hot babes before. But for some reason, Wolf couldn’t repress the urge to ruffle Ella’s feathers. Maybe it was the occasional glimpse of the beauty that lay beneath her polished veneer that moved him. Ella and Wolf called a truce, and miraculously the world didn’t cease turning. For once in her life, Ella thought things were finally going her way. Then the other boot dropped, and everything was cruelly ripped away. Look for it on Amazon soon!