Shifting Steel Series
Arica's Inferno
Cadi Warriors Series
The Shifting Steel series is a wild ride. Follow our heroines as they meet motorcycle riding, animals in disguise. But the Reaper biker gang isn't the only one hiding secrets. It takes a pack of Shifters to protect the unusual women with unnatural gifts of their own.

Angels, Demons and an apocalyptic journey through Hell, oh my.
Arica is dragged into Hades because of her psychic gift. Now the fallen angel Lucifer is the only one who can save her from Satan's clutches.
Amidst a civil war and rebuilding their society, Cadi warriors find themselves challenged by a bold new race. 
The Human females that find their way to Cadi possess the body and spirit of a warrior goddess. 
The adventures that ensue test both hero and heroine as they triumph over a greater threat to both of their kind.

Fated Mate Series
Coming soon,
Beautiful Moves, Shifting Steel 3
F​ate has a funny way of throwing obstacles in your path. When it comes in the form of an imposing man from galaxies away, all you can do is strap in for the adventure to come.
Viper's Hope
Viper's Hope is a tale of animal attraction and alien abduction, in the wake of a horrible Earth invasion.
Stephanie West

Fantasy Romance Author

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